Things I Will Never Get Sick Of:

  1. Captain America jumping off a high platform and freefalling with his shield in position.
  2. Captain America dodging bullets on a motorcycle.
  3. Nick Fury stepping out of a helicopter.

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Sherlock Talk!

I just watched the first episode of Series 3.

Anyone else have mixed feelings about it? Or just want to talk about Sherlock period? Leave your thoughts and opinions in my ask box!

Alternatively, someone deeper in the fandom can explain to me why there is a search for gifs of Sherlock removing his scarf…

3 months ago
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AskerAnonymous asked:

Which season of Doctor Who did you watch because I've only heard you mention season 5 which in my opinion is when Doctor Who starts to go downhill. I'd advice you to start from Season 1 (2005) Russell T Davies is just a much better writer then Stephen Moffitt, much more character development, makes you not mind watching the bad episodes because you know they'll be a good one soon. Thanks for you time and sorry for being boring.

Answererwhat-rosalie-likes Answered:

You are correct! I started and finished series five of Doctor Who and I really liked it! But it is my first encounter with the Doctor and I have no comparison.

Thanks for the advice! I started at series five because a friend who shares similar TV tastes suggested I start there. So I’m continuing through this story arc and deciding where to go afterwards. I’m sure I’ll have my own opinion after watching more of it BUT if what you say is true and Steven Moffat’s run is when things aren’t as good—I happen to be quite fond of the stories he’s designed—then it means I’m in for a great treat when I eventually start watching from series one!

You weren’t boring at all! I love hearing other people’s perspectives on shows.

I also can’t tell if “Thanks for your time and sorry for being boring.” is a reference to the show… Maybe because I just watched the series five Christmas special and the Doctor says something like that in that episode…but I’m not sure, I’m new around here!

3 months ago
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Askeraimableaimee asked:

Omg so many shows can't name them all ;-;

Answererwhat-rosalie-likes Answered:

Hahahaha, #TVAddictProblems. Amiright? I know I can relate to the struggle.

Thanks for sharing, here’s what I came up with for you!

(If this answer doesn’t make sense to you, it was in response to this post from awhile back.)

3 months ago

Got this in the She Watches TV inbox from cmbruns89 in response to this post about Lost from awhile ago. Since it was a two-parter I figured I’d screenshot them.

Thanks for the share! (Sorry about taking so long to get around to it.)

I love hearing about how people get into the shows they enjoy.

Anyone else? Tell me how you got into your favorite show.

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