The Department of Art and Design offers programs in Graphic Design, Digital Media, Animation and Landscape Architecture. These programs train students to become design artists for the information age by teaching the fundamentals of design, media, and the arts. The department strongly emphasizes exploration and innovation. The department's philosophy is to offer a learning experience that fosters full self-expression and innovation by developing each individual student's conceptual thinking and training him or her the skills to bring concepts alive. Students are strongly encouraged to collaborate with one another across disciplines in order to develop new forms, and become innovators and leaders in their chosen fields.

Section of Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program provides an extensive education in practical design, art history and art criticism. Students work closely with faculty to explore the interrelation of typography, image and writing in the contemporary visual culture. Projects take the form of books, posters, logos, packages, advertisements, photography, and web sites. Our faculty members help students develop their creative approach and practical skills, thus giving them the tools necessary to engage the fast changing world and ultimately define their profession in the years to come.

Section of Digital Media

Digital media art is a new field that represents the exciting convergence of technology with established design discipline. The Digital Media program offers a comprehensive approach to design that encourages innovation. Students use digital media to put their ideas into motion, creating 2D or 3D animation and an array of special effects for video. The faculty in this program seeks to provide students with the creative, artistic, technical and intellectual foundation upon which they can build their contributions to this dynamic field.

Section of Animation

Building on a solid foundation of drawing skills, the Animation Program teaches students the process of creating 2D and 3D animations for different media. Students are exposed to software programs by instructors who are senior professionals and receive instruction in both traditional and computer-based animation methodology. Students are required to create a portfolio/digital demo of their work through the entire cycle of conception, pre-production/visualization, production and post-production.

Section of Landscape Architecture

Students in the Landscape Architecture Program are taught traditional concepts of Chinese gardens. They are also encouraged to explore the possibilities of modern landscape architecture and to seek a fusion of traditional and modern design. Students work on a variety of projects including: furniture, interiors, buildings, landscapes and urban planning. The studio system facilitates teaching and offers a base for research and practical experience in the student's chosen field.