Music Department,School of Arts of Renmin University of Chinawas founded in 1999. The faculty members of the department are all very well established both artistically and academically. The main educational effort of the department is not only spent on improving the student's instrumental performing skills, but also on raising ones inner quality as a future musician. The department provides western instruments and operatic vocal training as the main educational platform. At present, the department offers undergraduate degrees for orchestral instruments, piano, operatic vocal and Multiple Music Enlightenment Method. Furthermore, the department offers the master degree in musicology.

Over the years, the music department has established theBeijing Chamber Orchestra, RUC Ensemble, RUC Youth Orchestra, and Echo Chorus, and all of the performing groups above have successfully built bridges and connections between the world well-known music conservatories or music festivals by participating or presenting concert tours. Domestically, all the groups have frequently held concerts within or outside of Renmin University of China, School ofArts.Every year, many concerts, campus seminars, lectures, master classes are provided in the music department by inviting both domestic and international successful musicians and recognized scholars.

The Music Department has 19 full-time faculty members. Most of the faculties have graduated from the prestigious music schoolsor conservatories all around the world. Nevertheless, a very elite group of part-time teachers are also hired to fulfill the music department's educational purpose. Since the establishment of the department, many awards were received by the music department faculties in several academic areas and even more awards from the major professional events or prestigious competitions were won by the students. The quality of western music performing has always by the department priority. Therefore, many successful concerts performing on behalf of the RUC, School ofArts when visiting in Germany, Ireland, Israel and the United States were very well received.