2012 Recruitment and Testing for Fine Arts and Musical Performance Majors has Come to a Close

09 May,2012990 views

Recruitment and testing for fine arts and musical performance majors for 2012 has come to a close.  Testing for fine arts applicants began on February 24 and finished two days later.  Testing for musicians began on March 2 and finished on March 4. 
Applicants this year tested for majors in drawing/painting, with concentrations in oil painting and Chinese painting and calligraphy; and artistic design, with concentrations in surface, landscape and new media.  2600 students across the nation sat for the exam.  84 students will be accepted. 
Applicants for musical performance tested for majors in piano, voice, string, wind, and an introduction to diversity of music.  There are 30 spots open for these majors.  Over 300 applicants participated in two days of rigorous testing to select the most outstanding candidates. 
The entire application process was conducted in an organized and unbiased manner.